Our Services

Trusted Consulting

We provide a strategic assessment of your organization in order to translate business strategy into human performance requirements. As we partner together, we will identify performance and process gaps, both current and future, that impact desired business results. We work together to create, implement, analyze and build sustainable solutions.

Empower Your Team

We offer tailored professional development courses to individuals and groups to enhance leadership skills and productivity.

Prepare for the Future

Your company is full of stars and those trying to rise. Let us help you build those constellations and have your business ready for the future holds.

Performance Coaching

This is a monthly subscription, the number of hours is based on your plan.  Each plan has a variety of resources with a HR Coach, Performance Coach, and Executive Coach. Your coach will work with you on your goals and help you navigate workplace challenges while building your competencies for your next step. 

Individual & Group Development

We tailor courses based on the goals of the company. We create curriculum based on the time requirements and possibilities associated to each project. Specializing in Diversity and Unconscious Bias, Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Investigations.

Succession Planning

As your company goals change so should your evaluation of your succession planning. Does your current plan meet the goals of your company? We will assist in evaluation of roles, compensation, and trajectory of your team and give you a third party unbiased analysis.

Third Party Investigation

We will complete a third party investigation of workplace issues and concerns. We will provide summary and documents with recommendation following the completion of the investigation.