Viable People Solutions

Bringing life back to people in the workplace by bridging the gap between reactive and proactive.

Trusted Consulting

A market shift is coming to the workplace. There is an increased emphasis on optimizing and quantifying your human capital. We are an experienced, proven, and credentialed HR team that will use our expertise to address the issues that matter to your business. We create sensible, sustainable and viable solutions to build on your company’s goals and bottom line.

Empower Your Team

We all have something to learn. Computer-based training can be effective in some situations, but not all. To be impactful and effective, research has shown that information needs to be interactive and tailored to different learning styles. At Viable People Solutions we provide both virtual and in person trainings to allow your team to integrate knowledge and apply what they learned. We offer customized programs that range from Harassment Prevention and Labor Law, to Managerial Courage and Change Management. 

Prepare for the Future

Change in the workplace is constant. Traditional HR is stuck in reacting, it’s time to be proactive and start preparing. We can get there together. We partner with your key stakeholders to conduct a gap analysis on where your business needs to develop and become more resilient. Viable People Solutions will create strategic business solutions, programs, and trainings that will allow your business to confidently take on whatever the future holds.

Human Resources, the department we love to hate.

For the past 15 years, HR has been trying to change its image. Most businesses have gone through multiple stages of centralization, decentralization, transformation, or re-branding. They get stuck on a swinging pendulum of compliance and culture. Due to past experiences with traditional HR, the struggle is convincing the business that HR can truly be a strategic partner that will benefit their bottom line. We have a track record of changing that perception, of giving HR a valued seat at the table.


Of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency.


A year is lost due to disengaged employees for US companies.


The financial benefit of having a strategic HR partner is a 2.9% change in revenue (average of $700M) and 3.7% change in profit (average of $60M)

Enhance your team with effective people solutions today.