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Grow Your Business by Investing in Your People

Viable People Solutions connects businesses and employees on a human level by creating innovative resources and empowering companies to recognize and nurture the distinctive value of their people. We know that a happy, healthy workplace starts with the people in it. Viable People Solutions nurtures a business’s most important asset – its people.

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Viable People Solutions

Supporting Your Growth,
Empowering Your People

Leadership Coaching & Development Investing

We provide virtual to in-person training tailored to your needs & practice. We offer customized programs ranging from Labor Law to Managerial Courage and Change Management.

Non-Partial Third-Party Investigations

Our HR leaders undertake meticulous and unbiased investigations, armed with the facts and offering insightful recommendations.We maintain the utmost confidentiality with open communication that will ensure that everyone is updated, confident, and informed on the process and next steps involved.

People’s Support

Our HR team with years of experience, proven results, and industry credentials will tackle your business challenges. We create sensible, sustainable, and viable solutions to build on your company’s goals and outcomes.

Ad-Hoc Solutions

With our specialized solutions, we offer better resource management, improved progress tracking, & customizations that suit your needs and goals. With our personalized guidance, we empower effective communication, adept change management, and strategic succession planning.

Supporting Your Growth, Empowering Your People


Of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency.
$ a year is lost due to disengaged employees for US companies
The financial benefit of having a strategic HR partner is a 2.9% change in revenue (average of $700M) and a 3.7% change in profit (average of $60M).
Highly engaged employees are 87% more likely to feel they can innovate and drive creative solutions. (Gallup)


Krista has provided wisdom and guidance for me regarding a wide range of situations that need an HR expert’s touch. Every time we collaborate I feel a genuine sense of attention to detail and a care to understand the full context of my needs. Krista has helped me drive to results that arrive at a sound decision. I’m so appreciative of her balance and perspective.

Jesse ScheuerPlant Engineering Manager | Environmental Projects Manager

Krista was a lifesaver. She broke down the virtual interview process into manageable steps and helped me tackle my nervousness. Her advice on storytelling really clicked, and I felt like I could be myself in the interview. Thanks to her, I aced it and got the job!

Diana FaughtRN Clinical Instructor | Charge Nurse

I'm excited to share my experience with Krista. Her transparency made our sessions feel open and productive. Her sincere encouragement provided me with the motivation to tackle challenges. Her guidance in resolving team conflicts was practical and effective. Krista's coaching approach is both relatable and professional. I can genuinely say that her coaching has positively impacted my leadership skills and how I approach difficult situations. If you're seeking a coach who brings real-world experience to the table, Krista is an excellent choice.

Shaun SandersProject Manager | Registered Dietitian | Executive Sous Chef

Supporting Your Growth, Empowering Your People

Most businesses have gone through multiple stages of centralization, transformation, or re-branding. They get stuck on a swinging pendulum of compliance and culture. Due to past experiences with traditional HR, the struggle is convincing the business that HR can truly be a strategic partner that will benefit its bottom line. Although a market shift is coming to the workplace. There is an increased emphasis on optimizing and quantifying your human capital. We have a track record of changing that perception, of giving HR a valued seat at the table.

As an HR team, our experience, expertise, and credentials are dedicated to addressing the issues that matter to your business. We are committed to creating sensible, sustainable, and viable solutions that align with your company’s goals for fostering growth and success together.

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